long weekend

the office
 closed this friday
 for july fourth

 the day before
 a holiday
 the office closes at 1 pm

 my bosses are all away 
i made an executive decision
take thursday
 (today to you, to me its tomorrow since i am writing this on wednesday)
 going in 
for 3-4 hours of nothing

 i am hoping
 the weather reports
 are wrong
 as you read this
 it is not raining 
 there is not a tropical storm
the eastern seaboard 
i am hoping
 sunshiny day


  1. Oh dear just checked BBC weather for NY and it does look like the weather gods have said, "Right Daryl, you're staying in on Thursday and taking some rest!".

  2. Let us hope the storm veers off and we get a bright and sunny day!

  3. Lucky you! Enjoy your time off. Hope you have a great 4th ~

  4. Hey, I'm going in. Gotta keep those fricking frackers happy so that the gas will keep flowing.

  5. What a nice long weekend for you.
    It's been gorgeous here all day, but the storm warnings are starting for this evening. Sounds like it could be nasty. I hope the weather stayed good for you today. xo.

  6. That hurricane's being watched here too.

    Enjoy the Fourth!


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