girl and her dog

toonman and i
 a long walk
 up to we dont know what street
 above the tennis courts
 past the soccer field
there's another promenade 

it seemed to stretch on forever

 we decided
 to see where it led

 we walked back down along the river
 its called cherry walk 

when we got almost home
 i reached for my fitbit
 how far
 we'd walked
 only to remember
 it was charging on my desk
 oh well 

i did see a sign
 at one point 
that said
 79th street exit 1/2 mile

 any city kid knows
 20 streets/blocks make a mile
 at that point 
we'd be home 
10 blocks
 i dont do math
  i am not even going to guess
how far we walked

 i know
 we were strolling along for over an hour
 thats really what counts

  i took some fun
 to me
 shots of dogs in the dog run

 i was going to use one today 
 this was more reflective of my mood