downtown water tower

took that shot on houston looking up 
two weekends ago

 not only
 water tower wednesday

toonman and my 36 wedding anniversary 
(he married me when i was but a small child)

that july 30th
was a very muggy
 very hot summer sunday

we wed in a rabbi's study
under a chuppah
in attendance
 my parents 
my sister
 our two best friends
 the rabbi's wife
 (and their son)

 she, the rabbi's wife, 
was asked to be a witness
on her way to play tennis

the rabbi
 was afraid
our best friends
 lived in the same building
 had the same address
 as we did
they might not be valid witnesses 

it was odd
 to have her
 in her tennis whites standing there 
 more odd
 was their little boy 
who sat in a chair 
swinging his legs 

after the ceremony
 which was very brief
 not as impersonal 
a courthouse/city hall ceremony

 we walked to my parent's home for a small reception
followed by lots of eating and drinking
but no honeymoon

you know
 you still owe me a honeymoon!