city daily photo theme day - july - celebrating summer

the city daily photo
celebrating summer 

new york city
 has many ways
 for one 
to celebrate summer 

there are numerous 
 for those
 who want to be outdoors
 taking the sun

there are
 boat rides
ferry rides
tons of ways to sightsee

should you want to stay indoors
there are many museums 

of course 
 coney island
 its fabulous amusement park
 is filled
exciting rides
 children of all ages 
as you can see from the photos below

if you'd like
how other cities
 around the world
 celebrate summer
 click here


  1. Wow! You are the chronicler of amusement rides! I mean those are really smart shots, Daryl.

    The Wonder Wheel always reminds me of that cult film The Warriors (which I love)

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  2. You have such a unique perspective on EVERYTHING! NYC is so great for taking pics...and you do it better than anybody! I asked my daughter...the hair stylist...about the hair products you mentioned on Instagram. She had never heard of them either. I popped in to Cosmo where the professionals need a license to get in. They had not heard of it either. Maybe it is unique to certain salons? I am very happy with Kenra right now...and since my daughter is my hair stylist...I best do what she says!! :)

  3. In a large bowl add a cup of smiles and two cups of laughter. Mix vigorously with a modicum of thrills and a dash of spills. Bake under a blue sky lit by a summer sun and what do you get ... Today's image from Out & About in NYC!

  4. Ooh! These rides look like so much fun!

  5. Lots of stuff to see and do. Tell you what though, I'll hold your coke and handbag for you while you are riding the rides.

  6. I could enjoy all of these. I try to fill my summers with lots of this fun.

  7. Those are the perfect shots for this occasion ! Well done !

  8. There are indeed so many wonderful things to do there, no matter the season (but I prefer summer!!).

    These photographs are great, Daryl. Truly summery. xo.

  9. No summer is complete without a trip to the amusement park. Nice choice for the theme day!

  10. Wonderful, exciting shots. Perfect for theme day!!!!

  11. Brilliant but then NYC is, any time of the year!

  12. Such exciting summer shots! I feel like I can hear the buzz of the crowds.

  13. Daryl, I have to close my eyes. Heights and swirling aren't good for my stomach!

    Lots of folks posting good summer celebration images. Thanks for the theme!

    I was in Manhattan from Thursday through Sunday for a wedding. Went to the 9/11 museum, which was outstanding but certainly doesn't fit with the "celebration" concept.

  14. Wonderful shots; they catch the technicolor of summer fun...and all three remind me why I prefer to keep my own feet firmly planted on the ground!

  15. Wonderful shots; they catch the technicolor of summer fun...and all three remind me why I prefer to keep my own feet firmly planted on the ground!

  16. Great colorful images, the first one is amazing! Saludos

  17. Wowowowow. Excellent shots. What an awesome series. And it looks like the weather was perfect.

  18. Fantastic! I love the joy in the child's body in the ElectroSpin. Magnificent.

  19. Splendid shots! It occurs to me that it's been years since I've been on any of those rides.


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