we went for a walk

in riverside park

when we see art

toonman uses a flip

 he gets close ups

he gets long shots

he get reactions from his subjects


  1. The last is so funny! Looks like a glorious day for an outing.

  2. The last shot made me laugh out loud. Wasn't it a gorgeous day?? I was out and about and offline all of yesterday. Glorious.

  3. Toonman, he's a wonderful companion to go on a stroll with, your subject mater is fun also.

  4. I love it!

    That last shot is simply perfect. xo.

  5. i am intrigued by the flat stones with writing on them. what was that work all about. it looks interesting.

    i do love that last shot. you framed it perfectly!

  6. Nice post.... I too am interested in what the stones say.... Looks like a beautiful day!


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