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Amazing Mike the Biker
Wants to Ride With You
Mike's heart-shaped nose pretty much tells the tale—he is all love. But only those who know him well can see this. Mike's early life as a stray made him so fearful that when he arrived at the Dessin Animal Shelter in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, he cowered and trembled trying to avoid all contact. You can see in Mike's video what an amazing boy he is now!

What a great bike companion! What a dear, happy guy, fetching in the river! All Mike needs is a little time to get to know you, and he lights up with love. Sadly, a local meth lab arrest will send many new dogs to the Dessin shelter soon, so space there is at a premium. Mike has waited long enough to find his own loving home. Can you help him make that connection? Please share his Petfinder profileand show your friends Mike's winning video.

You can reach Kathy via email or on her phone at(570) 689-4847; or contact the Dessin shelter or (570) 253-4037 to meet Mike. Truly, this sweet survivor is ready to follow his heart-shaped nose to full-time happiness.

Together, we can Save Them All®.

Save Them All
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