i hope 
 the fathers
 a lovely father's day
 i miss mine every day
 yesterday was no different

 i took the weekend off 
i beautified
 i brunched
the blog muse was missing

cold cough snot linger
 add to that
 the first installment of a 'complicated' root canal
 was friday

 i am not liking 
these intrusions
 to my fridaycations
i take fridays off 
it seems wrong
 to use
 any other
 'work' time
medical stuff 

no pain
 no discomfort
 i was told
to eat 
 sticky or hard
 on the side
 the root canal is underway

 i am eating on the other side

  it was a beautiful weekend
 got father's day cards 
his daughters 
his cats

they also forgot mother's day
they're not making a statement 
maybe they are

i got to my endodontist appointment
 on friday
 very early 

one never knows 
how long
 it will be
 til a bus comes along 
i gave myself over an hour
 it took maybe 20 min door to door 

 it gave me a chance 
to look at
park avenue paper chase
 an installation of sculptures
 alice aycock
 here's a link 
if you're a new yorker
 at them 
in person

 they're fabulous

this one
 cyclone twist 


  1. I sure do hope you feel a lot better soon. The sculpture is fun - very frenetic!

  2. We're doing the Fridaycation thing at work now for a couple of months (if we can). This Friday is going to be my first one. Glad to hear you're feeling a little better and good luck on that root canal. Cool sculpture, as well . . .

  3. Ugh on the root canal. But thanks for the link -- I've been wondering about that sculpture.

  4. Yeah, not much of a Fridaycation! Years ago I had all the metal fillings removed for porcelain and one tooth began to act up. I was fearing a RC but in the end it settled down. Now it acts up somewhat along with the osteoarthritis but settles right back down, so I think it'll be fine. Can't imagine complicated root canals. Sending you a great big hug.

    Love those sculptures...which I assume are not paper at all. Occasionally there's a call to artists here for some large installation and I'm always tempted, but it would mean starting a relationship with some pretty huge tools and techniques and I don't have a clue where to start with that one.

    Glad you're fine. Missed you this weekend. :)

  5. Ugh!! A root canal and a cold??? Not fun.
    These sculptures are amazing.
    What a talented lady. xo.

  6. I quite like it. The sculpture feels like it has kinetic energy to it.

    From the feline point of view, the two of you aren't mom and dad, you're their staff, meant to cater to their every whim!

  7. yikes to the root cannelloni thing.

    and wowza to the Art;
    the alice yacock cyclone twist thing and the architectural backdrop.
    compliments to the Photographer.

  8. I had my own beautication Friday. Heather treated me to a pedicure and it was great.

    I'm considering buying a ticket and flying to NYC just to take a look in person at that installation. Maybe we could do lunch. I warn you though, I'm going to be in full tourist mode.

  9. and now a root canal too, well geesh you got alot going on. Eat well, eat soft, and feel better asap.

  10. That's a very cool sculpture. You've been struggling with that dang cold for a while now. I hope you feel better soon and sail through the root canal with minimal pain.


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