i hope 
 the fathers
 a lovely father's day
 i miss mine every day
 yesterday was no different

 i took the weekend off 
i beautified
 i brunched
the blog muse was missing

cold cough snot linger
 add to that
 the first installment of a 'complicated' root canal
 was friday

 i am not liking 
these intrusions
 to my fridaycations
i take fridays off 
it seems wrong
 to use
 any other
 'work' time
medical stuff 

no pain
 no discomfort
 i was told
to eat 
 sticky or hard
 on the side
 the root canal is underway

 i am eating on the other side

  it was a beautiful weekend
 got father's day cards 
his daughters 
his cats

they also forgot mother's day
they're not making a statement 
maybe they are

i got to my endodontist appointment
 on friday
 very early 

one never knows 
how long
 it will be
 til a bus comes along 
i gave myself over an hour
 it took maybe 20 min door to door 

 it gave me a chance 
to look at
park avenue paper chase
 an installation of sculptures
 alice aycock
 here's a link 
if you're a new yorker
 at them 
in person

 they're fabulous

this one
 cyclone twist