nameless cutie

i met this pup several weeks ago
 at the instagram meet in greenpoint

 i know
 i learned his name 
i have since forgotten it 
my bad

 he is a handsome lad 
i believe he's a hunter
 i know 
he's not a beagle
 i dont remember
 what his breed is

 i am sure 
who reads this will know 

i am feeling somewhat better 

better enough
 to be joining my sister
 for a belated
her birthday was actually wednesday
 birthday brunch
we brunch on the day i feature dogs
 she's the one 
who sends me those
 help needed 

a true animal lover

a terrific sister


  1. He is a cutie -- and happy day to your sister!

  2. I wonder if he's a foxhound, you know, the scent hounds which look much like beagles and run ahead of the horses, although he looks a wee bit too short. I love these kinds of dogs. They always look so very friendly and smiley. but so full of energy! A friend had one and when we took him for a walk to the off-leash parks, she wouldn't so much unclip him form his leash as "launch" him! He was off like a rocket. :)

  3. One thing about the world wide web is that somebody will tell you all about that dog.

  4. He's a cute dog. Some type of hunting breed I would say, but not sure which.

    Happy Birthday to your sis and so happy you got to brunch together! xox

  5. He really is a cutie!
    I am glad that you are feeling better, and I hope your sister had a wonderful birthday. xo.


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