just a cold

that's what he said
 its just a cold

 i waited almost an hour
 let me tell you
 how annoying
 it is
 to get to an appointment a little early
 sit in the waiting room
 for at least 15 minutes past the appointment time
 sit in the exam room
 for almost a half hour
the doctor comes in 
without even a sorry

 add to that
 the 'nurse'
 who weighed me fully clothed
 reads the scale
 take off 2 pounds for clothing

 what about my shoes? 

 asks me:

 are you unsteady on your feet 

do you feel lightheaded

 have you fallen in the past year

 so i lied about that
 since it seemed
 i fell not once but 3 times this winter
 surely have her
 sending me to assisted living
one of those obama death panels 

am i able to do for myself

do what
i wanted to ask

it was a wonder my blood pressure was normal


  1. are you still sick??? Oh goodness, take care and be careful that falling stuff can be quite harmful at our advanced age! Love the photo...may I use it?

  2. What a demeaning, depersonalizing unfortunate experience!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  3. Just shaking my head that experience. Sounds so cold (no pun intended). Love the photo -- imagining the kicking, armless mannequin.

  4. I have to laugh, only I shouldn't be laughing. :) As the daughter of two Dr.s this is so familiar. Yesterday I had to have a CT scan and got there 15 minutes early, and, after 65 minutes for a 10 minute scan and being the human pin cushion for missed veins, I took C and me for a road trip to the river just to calm down and lower my blood pressure! AND this was mom's hospital! There's a different time scale for Dr.s as there is for the rest of us plebs I suspect. :)

  5. It's been a long while since I've been to see the doctor, come to think of it.

    Looking at that picture, the term The Great Mannequin Catastrophe comes to mind...

  6. I don't mind the waiting in the waiting room so much, because I usually just play with my phone/iPad, but I HATE getting in the examining room and waiting. UGH!!

    I am glad that it's just a cold, but I hope "just a cold" goes away real soon. xo.

  7. OMGoodness-- too funny because almost the same thing happened a few weeks ago!!....... Wicked cough for wks- thought it was getting worse just before holiday weekend- thought I'd better go in so I didn't have to clog up the dreaded ER or walkin care........same results as you---- but LOVE the pic- I've fallen several times this winter---"no tell" policy here too!!!!!!

  8. I share your disdain for some in the medical profession. How can anyone with even a modicum of real compassion not offer an apology to someone for keeping them waiting?


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