begone damn cold

i have
had it 

its been over week
 this miserable cold
 isn't just lingering
 it feels as if its getting worse

 my nose hurts
 inside and out

 i cough
 i sound horrible

i get 
no comfort 
from the fact
 this icky mess
 i am not alone

 3 of my co-workers have it

 our office
 a doctor's waiting room
 all the coughing
 nose blowing
 throat clearing


i decided
 i couldn't stand it one more day
 so i called my doctor
 i know
 i promised
 i would call on monday
 i am not one to run to the doctor for a cold

 i dont think
 just a cold
 i am thinking 
a sinus infection
 for which
 there's meds
 a cold
 for which
 there's nothing you can do
drink liquids and rest

 i am seeing my doctor
 (thursday morning)

 here's a shot
 my phone took
 on its own 
 i went to the dentist 
last friday