begone damn cold

i have
had it 

its been over week
 this miserable cold
 isn't just lingering
 it feels as if its getting worse

 my nose hurts
 inside and out

 i cough
 i sound horrible

i get 
no comfort 
from the fact
 this icky mess
 i am not alone

 3 of my co-workers have it

 our office
 a doctor's waiting room
 all the coughing
 nose blowing
 throat clearing


i decided
 i couldn't stand it one more day
 so i called my doctor
 i know
 i promised
 i would call on monday
 i am not one to run to the doctor for a cold

 i dont think
 just a cold
 i am thinking 
a sinus infection
 for which
 there's meds
 a cold
 for which
 there's nothing you can do
drink liquids and rest

 i am seeing my doctor
 (thursday morning)

 here's a shot
 my phone took
 on its own 
 i went to the dentist 
last friday


  1. If those are teeth your phone photographed at the dentist's, they need help.
    Pretty smart phone, however.
    I hope your doctor gets your cold straightened out, as to what it is, and why, and what will fix it.
    Hugs and warm wishes,

  2. Your phone takes some good shots on its own. Hope you get some relief from the doctor, Daryl.

  3. You poor thing, that sounds utterly miserable. I can't find one here to try so my suggestion isn't from personal knowledge, but a lot of people swear that a neti pot brings immediate relief. Maybe find one?

    Hope the doctor has some good, effective drugs too.

    Hang in there! xox

  4. Ugh. That is awful Daryl. It is not fun at all to have a cold...that leads in to something bronchitis or something. Sure hope the doc can fix you right up and you will be back to feeling like yourself again. Rest Up!

  5. Got to love pictures that take themselves! Sinus infections are miserable. Feel better soon!

  6. Sorry about your cold.

    Your phone has a good eye.

  7. sorry to hear you still have that cold Daryl. Hope you didn't catch it off the baby!!
    I have had a cold and cough but luckily it seems as if it has decided not to linger for a change.

    Hope you will feel better very soon.

  8. Summer colds are so unfair! What the hell? My mother, who has been my Dr my whole life, has always insisted on two vitamin C, times release, at 1000mg each. I know it's sort of super dosing on preventative stuff, and Dr.s are good at pushing preventative drugs (vits), but we seldom get colds with all that vit C (knock wood). Might help you. :) Big hugs, but at a distance. :)

  9. If it's a sinus cold, meds will take care of it. I recommend sleeping sitting up in a comfortable chair for a few days. It'll help somewhat.

  10. Hope you feel better very very soon, now that you have seen your Doctor? What has your phone planned for its next shot? Take care!

  11. Sounds like a sinus infection to me.
    I hope the doctor gives you something to chase it away, real quick. xo.

  12. I've just read the results of that doctor visit. Ugh. Love your phone's perspective. :)


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