advantages to being home sick

there are 
some advantages
to being home sick 

getting to sleep as long as you want 
 as long as 
your cough congested head/chest permit 
 high on my list

 i woke
 chirp chirp chirp 
that didn't sound familiar

 i know nothing about birds
 can't tell a sparrow from a house finch
 i do know
 we have
jays and mourning doves
our small cement backyard
 by our 
i mean the brownstone's
 not mine

 there are also pigeons 
they fly around a lot 
roosting on areas 
which have been 
 pigeon proof

those flying germ bags

 have a distinctive caw

 mourning doves
 sound very sad
sort of like a fog horn

chirp chirp chirp
was different

 once i was up i forgot about it 
i saw
 the cats in the bedroom
 low down
 looking up

 there on the neighbor's boathouse 
they built this thing that houses their boat 
i have no idea 
 they got the boat
 through their house
into the yard
 but ... 

 i spy the cats spying
i bend down
 look up 

 on top of the boat house
a bird
 i think is a female cardinal

i decide to get a photo 

of course
 by the time
 i got back 
 the long lens
 she was gone

 i left the camera there
 next time
 i would be prepared

 it took 2 days of waiting
i finally got a photo

 i warn you
 i shot through a screen
 heavy shade
 its not 
beautiful bird shots

in that photo
you can't see her tuft
her coloring

so i googled
got this

its what she looks like

i think she's got a nest nearby
maybe i will get a better shot maybe not


  1. It is hard to imagine life without google! Glad you found a new friend! Hope you are feeling better!!

  2. I'm learning more and more birds by sight since moving to Virginia 7 years ago. We had VERY few birds when we lived in the Phoenix area, only hummingbirds and mocking birds as I recall.

    We google the identity of birds and plants all the time at our house. It's no wonder Google rules the world. Seems everyone uses it as their searcher these days.

  3. Lucky girl! Millions of times...for the past million years anyway...I always try to see a male cardinal while I'm out East and so far have never seen one! I'm reduced to having to paint one for myself. One of these days I'm so moving out East and staying put until I get enough of them. Yesterday I was driving to mom's listening to the book reviews on CBC and the book reviewed was called Birding with Yates by Lynn Thomson. The host introduced the book with a cardinal call so at least now I know what you've heard. I want to read that book actually, it sounded lovely. :)

  4. she's a beauty!
    I' getting worried about u, long enough with the "cold" the doc said??

  5. Cardinals, male and female, are such beauties.

    The human versions of Cardinals, of course, are the bane of existence of Cubs and their fans.

  6. Oh! She's cute. And it doesn't look like you shot through a screen either.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. The red beak is the giveaway! I'm still pondering the boathouse thing ...


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