what a social butterfly

last weekend
 i was mostly a sloth 
this weekend
 it was non stop

 first thing saturday morning
 i was riding the bus crosstown to my massage
 it turns out
 the appointment
this coming saturday

 i decided
 to make use of the nice morning
 walked back across town
through the park
 stopping along the way
 to take pictures
 i had the big camera 

 this musician
 was playing lovely violin music
 the Greywacke Arch in Central Park

that's the side
 the metropolitan museum of art's temple of dendur

it was such a lovely day 

my friend missy
 wanted me to join her 
 some intagramers
 greenpoint brooklyn's
wnyc transmitter park
an afternoon of photo hunting

 i wasn't going to go
 i was going to go
 back and forth
 i went 

 she said she'd be driving
 i said ok

 i know i am such a princess

one thing that fascinates me
 about these 'meets'
how everyone takes the same photos

people pose so others can take their photo

i dont get that

i really dont

 i want 
the same shot 
you took 

 i took shots away from where everyone else was

the sky says hi

 i took shots of people taking shots 

 of course
 i got the obligatory city silhouette

i met my god daughter for coffee and a mani/pedi

its such fun to catch up with her

after beautification™

i met my friend blondie
we went to a new place for brunch/lunch
amsterdam called tessa
quite good 

it was a busy weekend that zoomed by

what did you do?