water tower over freeman's

last wednesday
a day of museum visits
 my friends mary and missy joined by missy's boyfriend chad (not todd) 
went to dinner 
at freeman's
a fabulous little gem of a restaurant on the lower eastside

 its not

 its down
rivington street

you could walk right past it
 in fact
 if you knew it 
was down the alley
 you might still not venture down it 
 waaaay down
 at the end

as we walked down the alley
 mary pointed up
she said

 it was getting late
i pulled out the iPhone and snapped

 i also took this

if you look closely
 you can see
 mary reflected in the window 
 her own photo
 the front of 

 this is a true example
dont judge a book
 (or restaurant)
 by its cover
 you want to miss out 
really fine 
food and drink

its located at the end of freeman's alley
between the bowery and chrystie
off rivington


  1. You have such great adventures, you take such great photographs. I love the blue and the glass.

  2. Last Wednesday was uch a fantastic day. Daryl is correct this is a very special restaurant...thanks to Missy & Chad (not Todd)for suggesting it and to all three for treating the Birthday Broad!

  3. I remember a restaurant down an alley in Santa Cruz that was fabulous. Freeman's has a charming exterior and you captured it beautifully.

  4. Ha! I finally saw your name in the two photos!!! So proud of myself...lol. Just another reminder that I'm not as green as I'm cabbage looking. Love the filter? style of the water tower photo. I'm getting more and more interested in the iphone filters. The other day I saw a photo from a young artist which was of plumeria blossoms and it had that scratchy, old world photograph feel. I asked her about it but I suppose it was proprietary because she didn't reply. (sigh)

  5. Looks like the kind of place I would love!

  6. I've found that very often the best restaurants are tucked away...this one just looks perfect.
    Fantastic photos.
    I've never been to NY but it's on my wish list ;D

  7. Love the Lower East Side!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  8. Some of these little out-of-the-way places are just the very best. Love these photographs, Daryl! xo.


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