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I am reposting this article for Best Friends, an organization I support and want to help Save Them All®.”

Currently the animals in this post are being fostered if you can give them a forever home please contact the person whose name/phone # is listed within each write up.

Courtesy Listing

Yanni's stray cat

A stray female cat, about a year old, thin build, perhaps of the 'American Shorthair' breed (?) with green eyes, and light brown/white coat. She is friendly, comfortable in the company of people and charmingly inquisitive. She is a well behaved cat that is looking for attention and affection. For more information about this delightful cat call Yanni at 347 837 9775.


Adorable puppy

Adorable, sweet, 9 week old black Golden Retriever/Lab mix puppy for adoption!!
Bred to be a seeing-eye dog, sadly born blind.  Being fostered until 5/10/14, then out of options.
Breeder wants to euthanize - Help us find a home!
 Call Riverside Animal Hospital - 212-865-2224.

Courtesy Listing

Suzi the Shih tzu

This is Susy, she is 4yo, shih tzu rescued from a neglectful owner. She was not walked, she had foot infections, her nails had never been cut. She pees and poops on pads/newspapers. Her owner was a 17 yo girl who loved her but whose mother refused to let the dog go out and over fed her. She weighs 20lbs and vet says she should be at 13lbs.  I already have her walking out on to street and peeing in dirt.
I took her to vet, she is up to date on vaccines etc, blood work done, spayed.
At first she growled and nipped at me, but within 2-3 days she has bonded with me. She has a feisty personality, she loves to play with toys, she gets along great with my big lab and my cats. She is fearful of people but is coming around really fast. She will be a great companion for someone.  The photo of her is on my couch after about 4 days. Huge improvement from first day.
For more info call Alex at 718-623-0883.

Thank you in advance.