i played hookey
 took a day off 
in the middle of the week

 the occasion
 the excuse
my friend mary came to town
 it was her birthday

 last year 
we were in paris
 we had tea at the royal monceau raffles hotel
a sunset  - rain free - visit to the top of the arc de triomphe 
 dinner at a small thai restaurant in the marais

 how could we top that
 we started

a bus crosstown to the metropolitan museum of art
 there's an exhibit of
 charles james gowns
 works of art 
you must go
not only are they amazing to see
 there's a high tech aspect
 i can't explain
 other than to say
 a video camera scans the gowns
 on a screen
 there is a sort of read out that looks like an architect's drawing
 showing how the dress is constructed
 i dont do it justice
 its fascinating

mr james was also witty and wise 

we went 
the roof garden
 which was not too shabby
 the skies were overcast 
 i had only my iPhone to shoot with

downstairs to the temple of dendur

 after a cup of coffee and a nibble
 we headed downtown
 9-11 memorial museum 
opened that very day
 to the public
 i will only tell you
 its an incredible moving experience 

my friend missy joined us
off to dinner we went
over to the bowery
 to a place that is hard to find
 its literally down an alley
 its called

 fabulous food and drink 

mary said
 it was a perfect day 
that's all anyone can ask for


  1. a perfect May day in NYC!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Good for you, and what a fun day!!!
    That exhibit sounds pretty amazing.

  3. Playing hooky is good for the soul! Sounds like you had a fab day and that's all that really matters!

  4. I had SUCH a fantastic birthday - sharing NYC with Daryl is a special privilege...merci beaucoup mon amie!

  5. Love the Met. One of my favorite places.

    Freemans sounds interesting, reminds me of a little fav Italian restaurant we know close small you hardly notice it.

  6. My secret thing is that I love gowns. Do you still like me.

    Glad you had a day off.

    The 9/11 museum is on my bucket list. You know I have never been to the Oklahoma City Bombing museum. I have been to the Memorial a bunch of times. I am not sure that I can handle the museum.


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