rained in

 a crappy weather day
 when it wasn't raining
 it was threatening to rain

 i had my monthly self indulgent treat
 a massage
 this month
 i changed it up

 i opted
 the acu detox massage
 after which i wanted to nap

 i didn't
 i walked home
 very relaxed

 the weather the rest of the afternoon

the sun
 did come out
long enough to consider going to the park

 we considered too long 
it was gone

these adorable little pansies stopped me in my tracks
they were too pretty not to photograph
they decorate 
the front
 the greek orthodox archdiocese on east 79 street


  1. The pansies are stunning-- Love the colors.
    Hope the sun comes out tomorrow ans sticks around for a while.

  2. I love pansies. Thank you for the birthday card!!!

  3. We had the opposite weather yesterday. Beautiful most of the day, so I spent 6 hours painting a fence. Guess what happened just before I finished???? I don't even want to talk about it. :-(

    These pansies are GORGEOUS!!! xo.

  4. We had a five minutes rain yesterday, but that was about it.

    Lovely pansies!

  5. I'm overdue for a massage. Perhaps this week.

  6. Those are the most vibrant colored pansies I've seen!

  7. Erik spent a few days in Brooklyn, arrived in a downpour and then had nice days, followed by more rain after he left. He and California daughter were happy to see New York daughter but both disliked New York weather. The pansies are so pretty!!


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