we met
 at city vet
 about 3 weeks ago

 we were there with jack
 to get a lesson
 how to use the aerokat inhaler
(edited because autocorrect insisted it was aerobat it is AEROKAT)

 it was a busy time
 we waited
 45 minutes for a 5 minute instruction
 while we waited
 we got to see
 lots of dogs come and go
all of them 
the least stressed out
 she also had an upset tummy

 i won't bother to tell you how we knew 

 to hate
 his inhaler treatment
 he hasn't had an asthma attack 
since they started

feline asthma aka chronic bronchitis
 is actually caused by allergies

 allergy to what
 no one knows

 we have tried various ways
get jack
 to partake of his daily
 (currently twice daily)
 for the rest of his life treatment 

 one way 
 chasing him til he ends up in the bedroom
 where there's no where to go

catching him literally asleep or just waking

 we tried to fool/lure him by offering him treats
 he only bought into that once

 toonman scooped him up right before giving him dinner
 i tried it the following morning
 it worked
it was clear he was on to us

 the next morning
i was in the bathroom
 he came in
 as he always does
 scooped him up 
ta da

 its going to be an interesting adventure 
 creative administration of meds
 a challenge
 we are hoping 
comes to a happy end
jack giving up/in and being 
as dr mohr called him
 a cool dude