cutie pie

i have
 no idea
 what this dog's name is
 he is a he

 clearly adorable
 he/she was
 being carried
 on his person's shoulder
a street fair on broadway
 memorial day weekend

 i have to say
 i was happy to see him up there
because it was easier to get a shot of that face
 street fairs are always so crowded
 people walking 
not looking down
 busy looking 
at one another
 at the kiosks
 the vendors

 dogs and small kids in stroller
have a very good view
 not to mention
getting stepped on 

the dogs
the kids in strollers

 i walked to and from the dentist
 i have a potential root canal issue
 its not an emergency
needs further looking at 

 i got a new endontist recco from my most excellent periodontist

the woman endontist i had used in the past 
for the many root canals 
 nice person
 i disliked her
 have to admit 
she was good at her job

 when my dear doctor v told me i needed another root canal
 i told him
 what i thought of my previous experiences 
he was not happy
 he recommended
 his and his family's endontist 
promised me i would like him 

i trust doctor v

 my walks
 to and from his offices 
are on central park south 
across from the park
filled with photo ops

 i will share here and over at through my eyes
 there aren't a lot 
i had fun snapping as i walked
 it was a beautiful day on friday 

 i am having brunch with my friend missy
 at the top of the standard
 the hotel that straddles the highline 
its got some sensational views 
 i will be taking the big camera

 quite the place
 the confirmation email read
 'cocktail attire'
 required for brunch 

la dee dah


  1. Woo-hoo, cocktail dresses for brunch. La di da indeed.
    Love the puppy-face. Glad the dad was carrying him/her.
    Now I must go see if my dog wants in. I fed her, put her out, let her in, she ate her food, then wanted out again. I might be up all night if Lindy keeps this up, and unfortunately her Daddy is on a short business trip and not here to help persuade her.
    I want photos of that cocktail stylish brunch!

  2. Puppy looks delighted at his perch! Thank you for the dog-themed magnets, Daryl! They really made me smile, and that was so thoughtful!

  3. That happy, furry, little face made me smile. I bet he was looking down at all the other dogs saying, "yeah, that's right, I got it goin' on!" :)

  4. Please snap a photo of your "cocktail attire" - and Miss Missy aussi!

  5. We have cocktails while wearing jeans and t-shirts down here in the country. That's pretty la dee dah for us... Have fun Sunday!

  6. Yay for adorable doggies and photo ops. Boo for root canals and unpleasant dentist.

  7. I love the puppy's happy face.

    Your lifestyle is so exotic to me. Walking to your dentist! It'd be 11 miles for me.

    Good luck on your root canal. Glad I'm not ya!

  8. Love his happy face. Probably will be me in a year or so when these pups settle down!

  9. That little face melts my heart!
    Glad that your root canal is not an emergency one, and that you found another doctor to do it. xo.

  10. Adorable pooch!

    Hope you can avoid the root canal!

  11. He/she is giving you the cutest doggy smile, it's almost as if he/she is sympathising with your dental dilemma Daryl :)

  12. Awwwwww.... and I've already read about the cocktail attire place.


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