cat talk

i was having an email exchange
 about our cats
 how they react to trips to the vet

 it got me thinking
 how our jack reacts to his inhaler treatments
 they're 2x a day
 til the higher dose version
 which is on order

he knows 
he is getting dose in the morning
 usually around the time he gets fed
as he leery as he is
 of coming too close
 getting picked up
 he can't stay out of the kitchen
 he lives for food

his evening dose time varies
we try to catch him unawares

 whats funny
 to us
after he gets dosed
 he steers clear of us
 for hours

when he does permit us to come near
 he acts
 he's going to get another treatment
by the way
 takes as long
counting from 1 to 10

 he's also very protective of harry

harry who uses his voice very expressively

 where is everyone
 a lot

 we are always in plain view

 when he does this act
 jack reacts 
he wants to protect harry

 trust me
believe me
were jack 
 trouble or pain
 wouldn't lift a paw
 he's oblivious to jack's needs

 in fact 
 jack is being dosed
 harry is very interested in the inhaler
 its as if he's thinking 
what's he got that i don't


he loves to lie on that mat
it was a gift from my friend blogger country girl kate
 who bought it for him 
 the other hilary over at crazy as a loom

 even tho i am writing this on thursday
my fridaycations

 this first one
 will not 
be spent 
doing wonderful things
 even sleeping in 

i am going to the dentist 
preventative appointment
 every thing that happens to me
 ends up being big and expensive 

before this weird thing i noticed
 turns into more than it is now
 i am getting it checked 

i would much rather pay now
learn its nothing
 ignore it 
 well, you know …