it was a busy weekend

 i got to sleep in again
 yay me
 then some errands
followed by
 a visit to the vet
 jack's lungs are improving 
but not 100% yet
 the lovely dr mohr feels they could be 100%

 he still hates his inhaler treatment
 not even kitty crack 
will get him to cooperate
without some chasing

 of course
 he was a
 'cool dude' 
for dr m
 her words

 for us 
not so much

 we managed to get 
to the vet
 between downpours

was even more lovely
 another sleep in
 some beautification™
 followed by brunch
 outdoors at citrus on amsterdam
 my darling larry and his partner clint
 visiting from the big d 

i got a hair cut but this past thursday
 the blow dry of it on sunday
 some odd lengths
 that blended in far better
 when tim did the blow dry after the cut 
 you know
 the good thing about hair

 it grows 

this is called
 a flipgram 
a puddlegram