a whole lot of blather

every time 
i think about something
 for instance
 a missing green leather shoulder bag 
 the receipt for my 35mm lens
 i am at the office or on the subway

 of course 
i forget
about it
 being unable to act on it

 this past weekend 
being pretty much a sloth
 having gone out 
 to do what needed to be done
 i first searched through 4 years of receipts
 i never 
 anything away
 to find the receipt for my 35mm lens 


 the extended warranty had expired
 i will be calling B&H
 to find out
 how much it will cost 
to get the lens cleaned/polished 
if indeed
 the annoying spot 
i keep seeing on my photos
 the lens
not on the camera's mirror 

 in the process 
i also went through a lot of other papers
 still hoping
 that the stock certificates
 i don't have
magically appear 

i decided
the paperwork
 relating to toonman's hospitalizations in 2010/2011
 could be tossed 
 the medical paperwork 
 to our late cats 
gus and rosie 

that was saturday

 i organized the top shelf in my closet
 the aforementioned green shoulder bag
 it was not there

 i think
 i gave it to someone as a gift 
tho for the life of me
 i can't recall who 
i hope they're enjoying it

i also unearthed
weight watcher's original diet
i am going to start it
hope to lose that annoying 10 lbs
that's crept up and wont go way

that is all


  1. love your blather, makes the world go round

  2. Something about YOUR blather...I rather enjoy it!! The photo goes well with it too!

  3. Will you come organize my life?

    My old "good" camera had an annoying spot. I got pretty good at disguising the spot as I composed the pic. It didn't have a seperable lens so I just lived with it until Heather bought me my present "good" camera. She wants to buy me a big boy good camera but I'm not feeling it quite yet.

  4. Nothing at all wrong with blather!

    I keep certain paperwork items, but not too much. Mind you, my tracking system of where it's kept is beyond chaotic.

  5. However, organized closet shelves.. that is boarder line OC. hugs.

  6. I speak that language fluently, blather.

    Love that image through the window.

  7. When you're finished, I could use some help with my basement! I have been decluttering that since the end of last year. :-(

  8. Some high end camera stores will do a cleaning for about $35 while you wait. Usually it's the sensor that has the annoying spots.


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