a potpourri of blather

i never go out to lunch
 i usually
 head down to the cafeteria
 grab something
 bring it back
 eat at my desk
 the last two days 
i had visitors 

a blog friend who lives in australia
 we met a few years ago
 when she was living here in nyc
 with her daughter son-in-law and their new baby
 well now there's a newer baby 
he and his mother
 (my friend's daughter)
 were here for a conference 
she and i had lunch
 so nice to catch up

 another blog friend in town for a conference
 managed to find time to meet me for lunch
we hadn't seen one another since last year 
when she was here for the same event 
another wonderful catch up 

been reading a lot again
 i finished
 anna quindlen's still life with crumbs
it was
 so good
 i will admit it was a little predicable 
but still really good

 i also read something
 i don't usually read
 non fiction 
an auto biography
 larry mcmurtry called hollywood
 it covers his time in tinseltown
 involvement with the production
  last picture show and lonesome dove
as well as
 some other books to movies and made for tv mini series
 he wrote or produced 

there's nothing to watch on tv
 all the shows 
we watched over the fall/winter
 have ended for the season

 mad men was the last to wrap
 there's only one or maybe two more
 game of thrones

 we do still have the second season
house of cards
 we're watching that slowly
its so good
 we at least i
 want it to last a bit longer 

last night 
we watched a movie

 a remake of a good 1960s caper film
with michael caine and shirley maclaine 
the new version shares only the characters names
 it written by the coen brothers
  don't get excited 
not even
 colin firth and alan rickman 
could save this

 it was pretty bad
 the animated opening
 should have been the tip off

 rent the original if you want some entertainment 

okay thats it blather over


  1. Thanks for the tips. We are also finding our favorite shows falling by the wayside until next season, when we hope they'll rise again.
    So wonderful you got to have lunch with friends not just once, but twice, and did lots of catching up.

  2. OK, so it looks like THREE masks. I knew there was one for comedy and another for tragedy, but is there also one for meh?

  3. Never even heard of a new Gambit! You're kidding! Even Firth and Rickman couldn't save it? Shame. I once dreamt that Colin Firth was Chloe's father...lol...no idea what kind of wine I was drinking the night before, but I told C about it in the morning and each time she sees him in a movie she says, "look, my dream dad!" We still have a laugh about that one.

  4. I'm surprised that something written by the Coens would end up being dull.

  5. GAWD I miss US TV
    the series
    So sick of the BBC day and night :P
    and cheese Danish from the cart on 60th street.
    please eat one for me...I'll know.

  6. Didn't know there was a new version of Gambit. Thanks for the info on it.
    I LOVE this photo!!! xo.

  7. I'm so glad you spent time with "Annie From Australia" as I call her. One of these days I hope to actually meet her.

    Wait. Who said Colin Firth? (Love Colin Firth, so it has to be a bad movie if he can't save it.)

  8. I have that McMurtry book, but Mr. BFR stole it from me, so I'll have to read it second. And I LOVED having time to chat with you. I must come to the city on a free day. :)


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