windy day

was a lovely day
 no more rain
 blue skies
 fluffy clouds
 nice warm temps
 strong wind
 a breeze
 nothing gentle
strong wind

 i wish i had taken a video of these daffs
 trying to stand
 the harsh winds 

can you see
 they're leaning 

i slept in
 i love sleeping
 i was having an odd dream
 i remember snatches of it 
i was in los angeles i was at my friend f's place 
 it wasn't her place 
not the real place she lives
 i was with my grandmother at one point
 my father's mother
 i remember
 it made me feel emotional
 i know thats odd
 i recall that feeling clearly
 i also remember wanting to find my friend mary's phone number
 i didn't have my phone 
so i didn't have my contact app
 i am not sure why i needed to contact mary 

i am not sure what of any of the dream

 i woke
 looked at the clock
 it was 9ish
 i closed my eyes 
thought about the dream a bit
 i got up 

eventually i went out
 did some errands
 came back
 told toonman
 i wasn't going to suggest taking a walk it was too windy
 i was going to call time-warner
 oh yeah
 the newest hd dvr box 
barely a week old
 was acting wonky
 the picture 
both live and recorded programs

 i spoke to a nice guy
 at the customer resolution center
didn't call
 the main number
 i am t
hrough with them 
happy to say 
roy was very helpful
 he told me
 the earliest appointment was april 9 
 he would try and get it moved up
 he called back an hour later to say someone would be by between 4 and 6 pm

 so toonman and i watched the finale of this season's walking dead 
once they take the 'old' box
 all of the recorded programs disappear 
walking dead is not showing again this 'season' 
we checked

 it was a very intense hour 
if you've seen it
 i am sure you know our 'heroes' are in a bad place
now we have to wait
 months to find out what happens next
in the meantime 
game of thrones 
 its new season on sunday   

what else
 i am reading a terrific book
the last dead girl
 its the sort of prequel
 bad things happen and very bad men
 the author
 harry dolan 
 a good involving story 

i am sure there's more
i dont know what

   oh yeah
they're on the way
 so i will fill you in on that tomorrow

more interesting weekend
 then i