he was waiting
 on thursday morning

 when i knelt down
 to take his photo
 i said hi there
his tail started wagging 

what a cutie

 his person was inside getting coffee
 i guess

 i know
animals inside restaurants or any store that sells food
 thats the law here in nyc 
so i get to see a lot of pups waiting outside 
if not for that
 i wouldn't have a saturday feature


  1. FIrst, i would weigh...well, a lot more than I do if I had places to choose from. I have a cafe and a gas station and oh, the flower shop puts the coffee pot on...and yes, I live in Mayberry LOL. BTW, I LOOOOVE that you can see this little guys tail wagging!

  2. Aww he looks like a friendly guy ... And it was nice day to be outside waiting.

  3. He's a sweetie. He looks a little like my grandmother's beloved fox terriers...except black of course...but he has that intelligent, inquisitive face. My grandmothers terriers were always dumb though, or too clever by half if you decide. One good thing though, they only listened to grandma in Czech, so the kids learned a lot of Czech trying to order the dogs around. :)

  4. Daryl, what a handsome fellow! Bet he doesn't shed either!

  5. Good-looking dog. I hope a treat came out of the store along with his person!

  6. Awww what a cute little guy. Do you walk around with doggie treats, by chance?


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