this and that

i think 
i told you
 jack has asthma
 he is being really good about all the meds 
he has to take 

thankfully the 'squirt' of antibiotic is over
 just 5 more days of mild steroid pills
 the inhaler 
will continue to be an every day event
 for the rest of his life

 he runs
 as soon as he hears me
 open the box

so i took it into the bedroom
 we lure him in there
 by shaking
 the treat bag
 they call it temptations
 it should be called
 kitty crack 

i am hopeful 
 he'll not want to run
 i hope 
 toonman can do it without my help
 i dont intend to give up traveling
 its very early
 i know people
 who chased their cats for weeks
now the cat
 puts up with it
 i have hope

i bussed it to the eastside


 for my monthly massage

the trees are all in bloom off madison avenue

after my massage
 walked back
across through the park

 its so easy 
the sky was blue
 sun shining
plants blooming
 nice temps

 stopped at birdbath aka city bakery
 got a pressed veggie sandwich 
apple kale ginger beet juice 

 toonman and i took a long walk 
down through the park 
 riverside park south

 we turned around just past the sculptures
 one of the techs at the office did
 i posted them last summer 

the novelty of this sculpture
 has worn off
 last time we walked down there
 i couldn't get a shot 
for all the silly people posing in it