sunday stuff

i know
 you're reading this on monday
 i wrote it on sunday
 was meant to be
 of the moment
  it doesn't seem to work that way

 i got my mani/pedi
 essie's lollipop 
 like a good choice
 a sunshine filled day
 the wind was less harsh
 if you walked in the sun
 if felt good
 the shade felt

 i got my hair done
 its a lot fuller this week
 it needs a shaping
 i need to get that done 

toonman and i took a walk in the park we left the apartment around 3 not a good time for the big camera too many shadows i took along the iPhone it took some interesting photos on its one this one made me laugh i think i was brushing the hair out of my eyes

i took some photos of this adorable dog not a single one of the several i know i took showed up on the camera roll but i did get a lot of random shots i did not intentionally take

 this one 
i did 

oh and time-warner?
its on-going