skitzo spring

it was amazing 
we had 
four seasons
 in the span
 a week

 wednesday morning
 there was 
 the cars 
the flowers

 outside of manhattan

i am escaping
 i am off to visit my friend in cincinnati

an interesting
 weather fact

the weather we get here in nyc
was in cincy the day before
i am going where the sun is shining
where the temps are already on the way to spring 

i will be back on sunday
 when nyc is expected to be more tolerable
see you then!


  1. Have a good time! We have had the same skitzo weather here. The snow was just enough to put us over the top as the snowiest winter ever in Detroit.

  2. Travel safe, and have a wonderful time! xo.

  3. Going where the sun keeps shining, through the pouring rain, going where the weather suits my clothes . . .

    Enjoy! Weather's been nutz here too.

  4. Good for you. I love getting out of town. Looking forward to some pikkies when you get back. Have a lovely time. :)

  5. A lovely and contradictory photo!

    I saw an editorial cartoon the other day with two people watching the weather forecasting pretty much everything, but instead of a seven day, a seven minute forecast.

  6. Love this title!! ...and the photo !
    I'm sure u had fun!!

  7. Crazy weather... hoping it's all calmed down now.

  8. skitzo is right. but hey, if ya don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes. it's bound to change.


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