It’s one of those days for takin' a walk outside

we took
 a long walk 
 riverside park

 neither of us 'cared'
 which direction 
which path
 so we just started walking 
we got to the point
 just past the community gardens

we either
 turn to head back
 walk the next leg uptown 

we opted
 to go
 a whole new direction

 we headed
 a sloping path past a hillside of daffs

through the underpass 

along the river

down to 72nd street

 the basketball courts

it was the kind of day
everyone was out


  1. It looks delightfully warm!

    The squirrel, of course, is a devious rascal.

  2. Nice, I love walks like that. Today I think we'll go for a drive in the country. It's that kind of a day when everyone wants to get out of town. :)

  3. Gorgeous weekend! Everyone is out - that's how it should be. We have the windows open and the breezes are heavenly.

  4. It really has been a gorgeous weekend.
    Perfect for walks or just about anything.

  5. You sure are getting some lovely weather. We're still in snow melt mode. Messy!

  6. Making the most of the nice weather I see. :)


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