is the moon full?

lets see … 
in no specific order

 jack has asthma
 two trips to the vet
 two days

 3 medications
 of which
 insanely expensive 
will last 90 days
my sister is giving me the name of pharmacy in canada 
 its an nth of the price

 there was the computer insanity
 adobe flash player worked
 until it didnt

 i downloaded a new version
 five times 

each time
 it installed

 each time
 i got
 the flash drive needs updating 
error message

 the wonderful techs worked on it
 the whole computer needed replacing

 first thing wednesday morning
 they brought me a new one
 my log in password wouldn't work
 my email password wouldn't work
 turned out
 the email password was my duh 
i was entering one that was outdated
 insisting it was right

the newer version of outlook
 decided to be obnoxious
 fixing the preferences 
did nothing

 after a few hours
 i considered
 either smashing the computer 
 slitting my wrists

 they gave me back the 'broken' one 
took the newer one back
 to see if they can work out its issues 

the ansonia 

took this with the iphone
edited it with snapseed

on the way into the office

looking at it soothes


  1. Daryl, sorry you had such a shitty day! But the image is really good! I'm very impressed with your Snapseed processing!

  2. Very pretty shot.

    I'm sorry to hear about Jack. I hope he's doing well on the meds.

  3. Glad I don't work with a computer....of course, I spend a good portion of my waking hours on one! I like Snapseed.... and I like your image.

  4. I think your Time Warner bug has chased you to the office.

  5. Oh dear! Just in case, and possibly because I can't think of anything wonderfully helpful to say, here's my favourite horoscope silliness: Hope you have a better evening. Big hugs

  6. One of those days that anything that can go wrong, does go wrong, huh?

    It's a soothing kind of shot.

  7. When dealing with a dog who had many health problems, we got prescriptions from our vet and took them to a regular pharmacy and paid about 1/20 of the price the vet charged. The vets don't tell you they will do this but if you ask, there is no problem. At least that is the case here in Canada.

  8. Oh, poor Jack, and what a lousy day for you.

    I hope he is doing better real soon, and I hope that the rest of the week is MUCH better for you.

  9. I was in exactly that same 'computer smashing' place on Friday..oh it was sooo close! Still having problems with passwords, seems I have a different one for everything.. how did THAT happen!

  10. p.s. I can see why this shot soothes you c'est tres jolie!

  11. I hate computer issues! ACK!

    The office I work in flooded last weekend! Thankfully our computers were spared any damage!


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