artsy fartsy wednesday

this week you get the photo before the whine

i hit this image
 a little snapseed
 it was a wonderful app
 from nikon
 google bought it 

if you use anything google has acquired
 you know what i mean

 google and time-warner 
 cannabalize itself
 do the world a favor
 the problem with our television reception 
for which we pay monthly a ridiculous amount of money

we have met
 3 really nice techs 
who all seem to know their jobs
 each time
 they are
its fixed

 i think the issue 
 the picture in picture capable dvr box


when we got the new hd dvr box
 it did not include

the subsequent hd dvr boxes
that option
 filled out screen with pixilation

 tech #4
 will be coming over
 to see
 if he can fix things

 i am not holding my breath

 when i told you
 i was interviewed/photographed

  its now on instagram
you can click
 if you'd like to see it

that is all