a post a day ...

my friend kate
 used to blog every day
she hasnt in a long time

 life got in the way

 it happens

 she posted the other day 
she just doesnt know how
 she used to do it 
she also 
 some of the extraordinary photos
 she takes

 i read the comments
 her readers left 
 its not easy to post every day
 lack of inspiration
all factor
posting or not 

i was the only one
 who posts every day
 of course
 lets face it
 i post mostly
deeply shallow stuff 

thanks to my husband
 i need only come up with six posts a week

 its a good thing
 i joust at windmills
 i would have
 to write about
 to fill
 that white space
my photos
there are so many
fascinating things to photograph
in my

   that said
 i am grateful
for the inspiration

 i only have to come up with 3 more 
 its toonsday again 



  1. I have the same problem. I posted daily for 30 days just to see if I could and gah...it was the most trivial blather most days. I think I even posted my bio-rhythms a few times! Yeah, I need a more exciting 'hood, nothing much to photo here. That's OK though, I know better to watch what I wish for!

  2. You actually do like 13 posts a week in my mind plus all sorts of Instagrams. I don't know how you do it.

    I know so many bloggers who were prolific and then just quit.

    To me you have to get in a groove. Its like running a long distance. You just keep on doing it.

  3. You *are* lucky in where you live -- so many photo ops! I used to post every day, now it's 5 to 6 a week, which seems to suit me much better.

  4. Posting every day is a habit for me. When My husband took sick and I didn't blog for two weeks, I really missed it. For me blogging is an addiction. ;))

  5. I have gotten to the place where I post when I feel like it, and don't put pressure on myself if I don't. Taking a week off here and there feels pretty good. Of course a file full of new Spring photos helps a lot with the inspiration.

  6. Photoblogging, I think, comes easier to do daily (at least til I start running out of subjects). I do a writer's blog as well, but there I only post three times a week.

  7. I was just thinking that I haven't posted since last Sunday but I feel just fine about that. I took a 30 posts in 30 days challenge one month and, even though I found it easy, and have such a big mouth, it's not something that really appealed to me because it's sort of added pressure in my life...you know? I don't want to turn this thing of blogging for the fun and creative outlet into a pressure filled chore. But having said that, I love that you blog every day and it's on my first thing to do in the morning list, to check in with you and Celi. Then I chose to check in with some others, but you and Celi are sort of automatic for me. :)

  8. Well, I am glad that I gave you some inspiration! I still don't know how you do it, though. In the past, it was a good distraction for me I guess.


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