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For more information about any of these wonderful dogs, email samantha or call her
at 914-646-5515.
HollyHOLLY: Cairn Terrier mix, 2 years old, 18 pounds. Holly is like a classic Toto, just a little bigger! She has a stunning black coat flecked with red fur, and she has the most adorable tufts of fur at the tips of her ears. She's great with most dogs and all people she meets, and she loves to pay and go for long walks. Need a foster home starting Thursday, March 20.

Lily and WilliamLILY AND WILLIAM: Chi mix, 2 years, 12 pounds & Dachshund mix, 3 years, 19 pounds. Lily and William are the most endearing little BFFs you could imagine. They've spent their whole young lives together; they arrived as a pair; and they snuggle, sleep, and trot around like they're two halves of one dog. They're about three years old and both have gorgeous silver coats. Lily needs some help with walking on the street because she's nervous on the sidewalk. William is bolder -- he's a great little stroller! Both are amazingly affectionate as soon as they become familiar with you. Bend down and they will frantically scamper into your lap and lick your face like it's their job. They adore curling up next to you or in your lap while you work on the computer or watch TV, and they're great with cats. Paper/wee pad trained! Need a foster home starting ASAP!!!!

Pepper and SaltPEPPER & SALT: Chihuahua mixes, 3 years old, 15 pounds each. These two are as easy (and as in love with each other) as you could imagine. They are super quiet, 100 percent housebroken, and just like to lie around. They've little cuddles and are happy to chill all day and go for gentle walks. Need new foster homes starting Thursday, March 20.
MachoMACHO: Chihuahua mix, 8 years old, 22 pounds. This chubby boy is a charmer! He's amazingly sweet and affectionate and fully housebroken. His foster mom is going out of town for a few days and he needs a place to crash! Needs a foster home Sunday March 23 to Wednesday March 26.
ArielARIEL: Chihuahua mix, 1 year, 14 pounds.  She's a little shy at first but warms up very quickly and is super loving. She adores putting her little paws on your knee to ask for affection, and she'll climb in your lap for cuddles if you give her the chance. She has this worried look on her beautiful little face that we just can't hep but want to kiss! She's got an irresistibly cute almost-underbite and a gorgeous orangey yellow coat of fur with the CUTEST curly little tail. What is this little angel? Look at those coppery eyes -- mesmerizing. Ariel is fine with most other dogs and cats, she's housebroken, and she' would do best in a home with a single woman willing to do a little behavioral training -- she becomes very attached to the person she loves but is fearful of men and needs a little help getting along with strangers. She ended up on death row because of her fear -- let's help this girl become more brave! Needs foster home starting ASAP.
LeoLEO: Chihuahua mix, 4 years old, 15 pounds. Amazingly sweet with the ones he loves but fearful of strangers. Would do best as the only pet in a home with a single woman -- he's a real ladies man!!! His foster mom adores him but is going out of town soon. Needs a two-week foster home starting March 27.
BeastBEAST: Chihuahua, 8 years, 12 pounds. This shy boy has been through some tough times and is eager to give and receive love! He's the kind of dog that wants badly to find that one special person and cuddle up to him or her forever. This meaty little Chi is in need of some serious TLC. He's slow to warm up but a real lover once he learns to trust you! Housebroken!! Needs a foster home ASAP.

For more information about any
of these wonderful dogs, email samantha
or call her at 914-646-5515.

Thank you in advance.