how do you sleep?

how do you sleep?

  i sleep
 on the right side of the bed
toss turn from one side to the other
 sometimes wake on my back
 tho thats unusual 

i used to sleep on my stomach
 my then chiro
 told me that wasnt healthy

 i trained myself to sleep on my side
 the toss turn

 i wake at the absurd hour of 5:30ish am
 9:30ish pm
 i am ready
 crawl under the cover 
cuddle up with my pillow

 it takes me 12 minutes to fall asleep

 how do i know

 i tried out the fitbit sleep setting

at least to me

little band that holds the fitbit
goes on your wrist
 depress a button
start sleep mode
 you're in bed 

in the morning
depress the button 
 to end it

i learned
 i woke 13 times during the 7 hours i slept

the longest time
12:38 to 12:46 
i suspect thats when i went to the loo 

 the fitbit doesnt tell you
how long 
 how often

 i also woke around 4:30 
thats no surprise
 i wake almost every morning between 4-4:30
 look at the clock 
go back to sleep for another hour or so

while i slept i burned 15.5 calories 
tossed/turned the equivalent of 94 steps

 how do you sleep
 do you wake multiple times
 do you toss turn
 are you able to sleep straight through til morning 
waking fully rested 
come on spill


  1. Oh man, now I want a fitbit! I bet I run the equivalent of marathons in my sleep! (Actually, Robert claims that I don't make a move all night, but I bet that's not strictly true...I mean, he sleeps too so how would he know?) And I don't care what anyone says, I sleep on my tummy mostly and it's hard enough to sleep even when I'm comfy, so I'm not about to try to retrain myself.

  2. You did a sleep study!

    Segmented sleep - periods of waking, were considered the norm for much of our history; and I consider short periods of waking,wandering, looking out the window briefly, drinking water, to be a normal happy thing. and I do "loo' of course. Mostly, though, I sleep pretty well and often have vivid dreams (with much to be done! Lost vehicles found, etc)

    Ah, Sleep! G'night (9:49pm here - 6 hrs behind ya - you'll be waking soon!)

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  3. Even though I've had a fitbit for a couple of years, I've never tested out the sleep mode. Now I'm curious ... I wonder where I stashed that armband thing.

  4. Now we know all about you. I get up at 5:15. Usually I wake up at 1:30 and 4:45 for a clock check and then go back to sleep.

  5. Hmmmm....maybe I "need" one of those just for the fun of it.

  6. If you remove the farm animals from above your head, you "might" sleep more soundly!
    PS-Love the it from Santa Fe?

  7. Ugh.. I sleep horribly. It takes forever to fall asleep. I awaken often. I don't think I need a device to tell me that but I suppose it would be interesting anyway. Frank claims his sleep is even worse than mine. Maybe I should get one for him. Nah, he'd claim that it keeps him awake.

  8. gosh! woke up 12 times??? my night is ruined if i wake up once!

    i snore, kick and give an occasional punch, i wouldn't want to sleep next to me, i sometimes wonder why certain someone does! will sleep thru a storm, and have, will not even wake if the dog wants to go out. luckily, for me, certain someone is a light sleeper.

    i'm so happy to be able to work shifts, regular 8 to 4 already gave me an ulcer way back when. with current schedule i only have to get up early 3 days in a row. mornings ain't my prime time...

  9. I want one of those things! I have a tempurpedic mattress inherited from a relative. Since sleeping on this thing, I don't toss as much as I used to...once you sink into it, it' hard to move in any direction...LOL I do know I don't get enough sleep...something I definitely have to work on!

  10. wow, would love to bore you about my terrible sleep patterns, but I'm tired and it is time to sleep..usually I only get 6 hours, but it used to be 8 or 9..ugh. Long story.

    But I love the bed, and those shelves..wonderful..just what I need!

  11. I sleep on my side, toss turn, turn toss, up, down, go to loo, take dogs outside, back to bed, toss, turn.... it's just sheer craziness.

  12. I really can't remember the last time I slept the night through! I invariably wake up at 4.30 (loo visit) and then if I'm lucky go back to sleep for a couple of hours. On a bad night I have approx 3 hours sleep all told. :(

  13. i'm also a reformed belly sleeper but oh how i miss it as that is the most relaxing position. i wake every time i need to turn.


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