here's the scoop

what a surprise 
the weather people

 go forth
 they cried
 make the most of your day 
 if you plan on being out all day
 take along your umbrella
 the rains
 the down pour
 late in the day

 not so much

 i am still auditioning new stylists to blow dry my tresses

 this weekend
 it was a salon that fit the parameters:
 to be within walking distance 
not more than 4-5 blocks  from home
 to be within the price range 
i had been paying
 to be open on sundays

 two do 
is on west 82 
between broadway and amsterdam
 they are not open sundays
it sounded from their website 
as if i would like them
i opined
 if they were truly wonderful
 i would adjust
 a saturday morning appointment
sunday afternoon

 i had a 10 am with chi
 (pronounced chee not chai) 
saturday morning

 i wore my yellow hooded slicker
 even tho
 it wasn't going to rain til later in the day

 i like that two do
 is close by
 i liked chi
 he's a nice guy

 the salon is well kept 
they have a big kuerig coffee machine

 they put out cut up bagels & biscotti 
water or tea
 a color coded smock to wear

 i got green 
another client got burgundy
 she was getting her hair colored
 i was getting a blow dry

 i guess
 for all the amenities they offer
 the extra $5 
i paid
what i usually pay
 is ok
much as i like them
 i really prefer sunday

 i guess
 he/they didn't knock my socks off enough
 to make me switch

 oh yeah
 it was raining
when i left a mere 40 minutes after i got there

  last sunday
 i auditioned
 the jeffrey stein chain's 86th and broadway salon 

when i booked
 i asked
 who will be doing my hair

the booker replied

 eons ago 
i knew a ludmilla
 at the jean louis david salon on broadway at 74th

 how small a world it is

 it was
 the same ludmilla 

she recognized me
 you havent changed she said except you've cut your hair

 i didn't recognize her

 in 2002ish
 she was a wild child
 cropped bleached blonde hair 
high high heels
 short short skirts

 she's a married mother
a reddish blonde french twist
 low heels
she's still got the same smile 
 adept use of brush and blow dryer

 she works sunday
 the price is the same
 as i used to pay at the last succession of salons 

 ludmilla is the winner
 i will be seeing her on sunday afternoons 

i knew you'd want to know

 of nothing
 here's a shot 
the lovely old lighthouse 
sandy hook