a rant ... a dog

 my rant
 i will try to be as terse as i can

 i will start at the beginning
 a statement:
 when i have ever purchased something that was back ordered
when i have pre ordered something
 my credit card
 i do not get charged
it ships

for my birthday
 my sister gave me a gift card for barnes and noble
 i am a voracious reader
 i am constantly ordering e-books
 to read
 my nook app on my iPad
it was a wonderful gift

 i didnt know
how much i spend a month
 til now

 i spend
 about $50 on books
 not every month
on average

 i also
 the ability
pre order books by authors i really like 

a pre order 
is made
 many many months in advance 
 thats ok 
 its something to look forward to

 on thursday
 i got my american express bill for march
 i learned the hard way to look at the charges
 make sure 
they are legit
so when i noticed i had 4 charges for bn.com
 i thought that was odd
 when you order from bn.com 
they tell you
 the cost 
will come
 from any credit or gift card
charged to the credit card you put on file

 since i couldnt imagine
 the money on the gift card
one month
  i checked the balance online

 the card 
 a zero balance

 i looked that the purchases
 i made since getting the card 

by my calculations
 i had not even spent half the amount
 i called

  bn.com outsources their help desk
 this annoys me
 a whole other rant 

i spoke to 'mark' who apologized very nicely
 was unable to explain
 why my card showed a zero balance 
 why my amex was showing charges for e-books

 i asked for a supervisor 

she explained 
 i pre order books
books i wont be getting for months to come 
 that amount 
 the gift certificate
 in essence
 they are getting paid twice
with the $$ my sister paid for for gift card 
 a second time
 when they hold back $$
 i cant 
all the while
 keeping my amex
 as collateral

 this truly ticked me off 
so much so
 i told the supervisor
that i would be telling anyone who wanted to get me a gift certificate 
 to get it via bn.com
 i would be
 once the books i pre ordered arrived
 no longer be shopping at bn.com 

i would be taking my business to amazon
 i hung up

 bn.com just paid up a ton of money via a class action suit for over charging for e-books
 i myself
 will be receiving $85 
 i was going to put into my account there 
i am going to opt
 send me a check option

 i am over these people in a really big way

 end rant

here's charlie
he's a sweet puppy