what a fabulous day

 it was saturday
 the temps were in the 40s
 the snow was melting 
people were out on the street
 enjoying the sunshine

 i tried to get toonman
 to take a walk in the park 
with me
 he was otherwise committed 

 off i went
 big camera in hand 

lots of snow
 still covering
 more puddle




 it felt good to be out


  1. Unfortunately we still have LOTS of snow on the ground...melting...yes, but still quite a few giant piles!! I think people are LONGING to be outside!! Happy Sunday Daryl!

  2. These are such terrific photos Daryl and I'm so glad I have you on Instagram because I feel privileged that I get to see some of them first! So guess what? I'm about to break my own rule. It's snowing here...I know!?!?! And I'm going to finish watching the gold medal hockey game and then drive...in the snow...cross country to the suburbs, to take an advanced silversmithing class. Hopefully the main roads will be pretty wet. But don't worry, I'm really good at driving in snow and slippery conditions and, hopefully, the rest of Vancouver will go back to bed after the game. :)

  3. We too had sunshine and blue skies yesterday and it should be even warmer today.... I see 66 degrees forecast and plan to push away from this computer and get outdoors for some vitamin D and sunshine! Enjoy!!

  4. Even though I'm fighting a cold, I too went out. But didn't take my real camera, only my phone.

  5. Just loved these photos... but they made me miss NYC more than ever! Thanks for sharing, Daryl... The one of the couple could be used for a book cover page.

  6. Each one is a great capture, Daryl! I was a bit surprised at all the snow that remains. And isn't there some more on the way early next week?

  7. It looks like a promise of spring. Fine pics.


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