sweet dreams

i am usually in bed
 by 10 pm
its a good thing
 who comes to bed many hours later 
is a restless sleeper 

he has very active dreams
 by active
 i mean 
he talks
very loudly
 very clearly 
other times 
 he's speaking a foreign language
 i for sure dont understand

 oh yeah
 i am awake
his dreams
 his punches
his racing legs 
loud laughter

i wake
 he is clearly speaking
in argument

 i have noticed 
his dreams
around 2 am 
 lasting up to an hour

i know this
 i am
for all of it 

 i try
 not to be
hit or kicked

 i recently woke him
 when he sat up
 'choking' a pillow 
he had
 no idea
 what he was doing

 after i woke him
 right back to sleep

 not so much

 i have told him of his exploits
 he is always skeptical 
 i told him i would video tape him

 i took my phone to bed the other night
to his loud laughter
 i got the video app ready
 of course 
 i was prepared
 he did nothing
worth taping
 i would have

 i guess
 he's a lot like the cats

 are doing something
 i want to record
as soon as
i grab the phone
 they stop

 trust me
 i will get evidence
 sooner or later 
i will continue to be prepared!

there's something dreamy about this photo


  1. My late FIL used to relive his war days regularly and used to hit punch my MIL in his sleep. He never believed her when she told him what he'd done.

  2. Speaking in tongues?

    Can't wait for the video!

  3. Oh dear! My son Jonathan is like that too. And sleep walks! Robert and I sleep like the dead and stay pretty still all thru the night, but still have a choice of bedrooms in both the houses because who can sleep thru the first week of jet-lag anyway. So we do end up playing musical beds. There's an awful lot to be said for separate bedrooms and a happy marriage!

  4. Oh gosh, I would not be able to get any sleep with that amount of disturbance in my night force. We are not sleep compatible due to snoring (not mine) so a one bedroom home would never work for us.

  5. I've often thought about recording The Hubby's "non-existent" snoring but to no avail. Recently he's done the kicking thing and in fact kicking the dog off the bed. Kind of scary I must say.

    Sleep for me is elusive often. I can sleep for an hour or two then waken wide awake for 4 or 5 hours. Makes me a bit crazy. Then I'm back to sleeping normal again. Awww, I will get through. Carla

  6. This is just too funny, Daryl.
    Except for the part about you not sleeping though.

    This photograph is GORGEOUS!

  7. LOL.. I can just imagine. There have been many times I've wished that real life conversations were like email so that I could go back and say "You did SO say that!" Or "I never said any such thing." Alas, I can never prove a thing. I hope your recording works. It would probably be interesting for him to see. Or scary. Or something.


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