my friend f in lala land 
sent me
 a fitbit
 for my birthday 

you dont know what a fitbit is?

 its a little thingie
 that keeps track
how much 
you walk
 number of steps
 number of stairs

 aside from the stairs
 in/out of the subway
 i dont do stairs

 we live in a ground floor apartment
 i take the elevator up to the office
its on the 6th floor 
our new offices 
will be on the 46 floor
 i wont be walking up those

 i do a lot of walking in the office
 from my desk to the conference room
the pantry 

on nice days 
i walk home from the 72nd street subway stop
  its been pretty cold
i havent been doing that

 the idea of the fitbit as a gift was sweet 
 i think
 she thinks
 i walk
 a lot more than i do 
after all
 she lives in la 
where no one walks
 except to their car 

 she friended me
 on the fitbit social network 
i decided to give it a try 
in fact
 in the 18 degree cold 
the morning 
i decided
 to walk 
to 72nd street

 it wasnt windy 
so it wasnt a bad walk
 i made it in 8 minutes 
l short stops
 snap these photos 

when got into the station 
i heard
 the train approaching
 i hurried down the stairs

 into the subway car 

 my surprise 
 i realized
 it was the local

i laughed to myself
 the express
 the local

at least
 i didnt get on the uptown train! 

 you see
 the water tower
 in this

its there
the tall 'green' building
 the light brown one under construction

none of these photos are signed