35 days til spring

 it snowed again
 i had a massage appointment on the eastside
 it was brisk
in the mid 30s
 when i bussed cross town
at 9 AM
 when i left the spa
at 11AM
 it was snowing
 big lovely wet flakes 
the sort that don't stick 
to your gloves or scarf
 the sort 
you can catch with your tongue

 i bussed back cross town
 walked up to 
hale and hearty
some of their wonderful 10 veggie soup
 stopped into 
toonman's turkey meatballs

 walked out of zabars
after maybe 
20 min
to see
 those lovely big wet flakes
 those little flakes
 that seem 
more like a snow shower
 than snow fall
 i didn't even feel like i needed to pull up the hood of my jacket 
they were so light

we watched
 the wolf of wall street
almost 3 hrs
  i looked out the window
 to see
 at least
 an inch of new snow
it was still falling

 spring is a mere 35 days away

the eastside
 a lot cleaner 
 the west

 see for yourself

 madison avenue at 75 street

 madison avenue at 79th street

 east 79th street

broadway at 82nd street


  1. I'm counting every one of those days. It finally stopped snowing at about 2pm yesterday. Now I'm hoping for a big thaw.

  2. Talk about a day of rest! But then, it's lovely to get a massage any day. I wonder why the east side is just that touch warmer? Maybe it's the buildings around the streets. That's cool though. I haven't watched WOWS, but if you say it's a good movie I might. My problem is trying to actually sit still and pay attention for three hours. Holy smokes that's a long movie. First I have to find three hours in a day to actually watch it in...lol. You know, I used to schedule "movie night" into the week. Wonder why that stopped.

  3. It finally warmed up here.

    Spring really is around the corner but it'll still be chilly until the end of March.

  4. You know, when you live in the northeast, you tend to expect snow and cold, but I really think this winter has been a tough one. Either that, or I'm just getting old, and therefore more sensitive to it. :-(

  5. You make me miss the magic of snow!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  6. well your city is certainly cleaner than where i work. where i work, and have to park on the street, it looks like they handed out shovels to arthritic octogenarians and told them to clear the streets.

  7. You have had more snow then we have here in the west! It actually hit 62 degrees here on Saturday, but the wind blew something awful as well!


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