uh oh

you know
 how kids
 get into trouble
 when they are housebound?

 with the super cold weather 
threat of more snow
 i opted
 to spend saturday
 in the house 
uh oh

 i know
this is not something
 one should brag about
 i am a terrible housekeeper
 may be 
an understatement

 i dont clean

 oh sure
 i clean up the bathroom
 in a hit/miss fashion
 i wipe off the kitchen counter top
 when the cats spill their water 
i wipe it up
 if a friend is coming over 
i have been known
wash the kitchen floor 

 usually vacuums
 the dust bunnies 
a combination
 actual dust
 cat hair
 my hair
 to take over 
 i really
 try my best
 to ignore dust 

 i was in the bedroom
 standing in front of my dresser

 now i can no longer remember what i 
oh wait
 i do
 i was getting dressed
 i had opened the dresser drawer
 for some reason
 i noticed
 that one of the many little boxes 
i have accumulated 
 is too loose a term 
looked well dusty
 i know better
 to look
 too closely

 i picked it up to wipe it off
 one thing led to another soon
 i was actually taking things off
 rather than wiping around them
 i lifted one small box
 holds some delicate necklaces
 i keep meaning to buy one of those key holder boards

 you know
 with the hooks 
i got one for larger necklaces
the little fine ones need a safer place

i lifted the box
the dresser
 put it down somewhere safe 

 4 necklaces
 fell out
 as if
 out of fear 
they grabbed onto one another

 i just left them there 
 that was a mistake 
 while i finished dusting
 they tangled themselves even more

 i knew
 i could never untangle them
 without ripping them apart
 out of frustration

  oh yeah
 i have no patience 
i can't do untangle

 i brought them to toonman
 he said something i wont share
 i tried to explain
 i didn't 
 on purpose

in no time
 he got two of them apart

the other two

a lot longer
a lot longer

i think i have used up all my untangling help for a long time 
i think i am going to go online and buy that hook thing
right now