uh oh

you know
 how kids
 get into trouble
 when they are housebound?

 with the super cold weather 
threat of more snow
 i opted
 to spend saturday
 in the house 
uh oh

 i know
this is not something
 one should brag about
 i am a terrible housekeeper
 may be 
an understatement

 i dont clean

 oh sure
 i clean up the bathroom
 in a hit/miss fashion
 i wipe off the kitchen counter top
 when the cats spill their water 
i wipe it up
 if a friend is coming over 
i have been known
wash the kitchen floor 

 usually vacuums
 the dust bunnies 
a combination
 actual dust
 cat hair
 my hair
 to take over 
 i really
 try my best
 to ignore dust 

 i was in the bedroom
 standing in front of my dresser

 now i can no longer remember what i 
oh wait
 i do
 i was getting dressed
 i had opened the dresser drawer
 for some reason
 i noticed
 that one of the many little boxes 
i have accumulated 
 is too loose a term 
looked well dusty
 i know better
 to look
 too closely

 i picked it up to wipe it off
 one thing led to another soon
 i was actually taking things off
 rather than wiping around them
 i lifted one small box
 holds some delicate necklaces
 i keep meaning to buy one of those key holder boards

 you know
 with the hooks 
i got one for larger necklaces
the little fine ones need a safer place

i lifted the box
the dresser
 put it down somewhere safe 

 4 necklaces
 fell out
 as if
 out of fear 
they grabbed onto one another

 i just left them there 
 that was a mistake 
 while i finished dusting
 they tangled themselves even more

 i knew
 i could never untangle them
 without ripping them apart
 out of frustration

  oh yeah
 i have no patience 
i can't do untangle

 i brought them to toonman
 he said something i wont share
 i tried to explain
 i didn't 
 on purpose

in no time
 he got two of them apart

the other two

a lot longer
a lot longer

i think i have used up all my untangling help for a long time 
i think i am going to go online and buy that hook thing
right now 


  1. It's that fine layer of dust that gets to me in the end - a combo of lint, microscopic silt and the occasional eye-lash...and the silver jewelry tarnishing to black. I had about 6 gold chains tangled together like that and it took a long time to get them apart. On the upside, I think such dressing tables show a highly creative personality...that's my defense.

  2. Funny, I hand my tangled anything to my husband. Even though he doesn't have patience for much else, he seems to be able to untwine my messes always. Even lines on a fishing pole.

    As far as dusting? Aren't you just supposed to walk by and blow really hard?

  3. Oh, husband is such a keeper! I have most of the non precious jewellery in one of my father's drawered Drs bag. I'm not even looking inside. Happily I rarely wear necklaces. This is going to sound a bit strange, but they feel like they are choking me after about an hour. No idea what that is all about, but I love bracelets. At least they don't tangle so much. (Love the little three jade necklace to pieces)

  4. I do my untangling, and I think I have untangled a couple of yours for you too! I guess I like the challenge. I think it's time to buy that item as well. And bravo for you for cleaning.

  5. True confessions today.

    I'm good at untangling also.

    Will toonman put up the key thing.

    I like my corrected Header very much. You are awesome.

  6. I have little patience for many piddly things but for some reason, I usually succeed at untangling fine chains. I got a chuckle out of the second to last image. The board-impaled guy in the newspaper appears to be hanging by your chain, held up by Toonman's finger.

  7. Dust is my nemesis! After many, many year of living on the farm, I have finally given up. Let the dust fall where it may and at some point, I might wipe it up...or not!

    I don't do untangle either. I always have to take it to hubby and have him do it.

  8. What a sweetheart he is!!!
    And yes, this weather makes people do crazy things.
    I have been cleaning out closets/drawers on and off for weeks now, and trust, me, this is not nesting!!!

  9. ...big DITTO on the dusting....such a useless pursuit...I've gotten adept at doing dust bunny toe sweep dancing on the tile floors here - other surfaces when company is expected (maybe, depends)!
    Luv the dresser jewelry stash set up...v. similar situation in my bedroom..& yes the little jade necklace is tres lovely.
    No hubby to untangle for me..fortunately my neighbor makes jewelry & takes care of those type things for me!
    I swear tho, that xtra special wonderful antique Russian design silver bracelet from the Met that cousin Peter bought for me that I might've lost in Macys' parking garage...is really right here in my bedroom somewhere when I remember dropping it on the floor in a similar silly fit of housekeeping?! I mostly loose things in the house .... that's my kind of tangle!

  10. and why I have a maid/elder sitter lady come in once a week? she cleans, vacs, swabs and mops, changes sheets and keeps papa company while I escape.
    It's my little treat to me 'cause I am all that.

  11. One needs to be careful with that cleaning thing! It becomes a habit!!

  12. I do my untangling, but I need glasses now to do it! *sigh*

  13. I *knew* there was a reason why don't look too closely at the dust. I'm a horrible housekeeper ...

    I love that jade necklace!

  14. Oh my you have a lot of 'stuff' on that dresser! I can't untangle either, no patience. Whenever I have anything that needs untangling I throw it at MWM and magically it reappears untangled! :)

  15. funny how one thing leads to another. my dresser is a mess as well but i'm not tackling it yet. hahahah


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