for as long as i can remember 
some days thats like 2 seconds ago
 new year's morning 
toonman makes a special breakfast
eggs onions and potatoes 

we usually 
finish up 
the previous night's

this year 
 a friend came by early in the evening
 we had some lovely wine with her
shortly after she left
 the pizza arrived
 we put on a movie

i had me some lovely hugh jackman
toonman fell asleep 

his nap 
allowed him to stay awake
 the ball dropped

 i went to bed pretty soon after midnight

 the champagne never got opened

 this morning
 toonman popped the cork
 on a bottle 
 veuve clicquot ponsardin grande dame 1998
 it was lovely 

i documented
 the event
 as you will see 
i plated a lot of wonderful food 
while my husband
 ever the rebel
 ate from the pan!

  the champagne glasses
 dont match
 the one with the stars
 came with a bottle of champagne
 a friend sent us for our 25th wedding anniversary
 i am not sure where we got the other or why we have only one 

weird huh?

 i did not clean up
 in preparation for this photo session

 its all in the wrist



 all gone

now to relax and enjoy the day
 sip more champagne later 
there's leftover pizza
 for now its coffee


  1. This made me really hungary!! The very best to you and Ray and the booboo's in this brand new year! Xo

  2. Too funny. We don't have the bubbly, but Mr. BFR always makes me bacon & basted eggs on New Years Day. One of fun traditions.

  3. Lovely. I haven't had a breakfast yet this morning, so my stomach started growling. I do believe I may go and cook myself some eggs now!

    Of course, one thing caught my eye that may not be the most important to others. Is that a FRUITCAKE tin on your counter? If not, it's probably cookies, but I like to imagine it's FRUITCAKE!

  4. Lovely way to celebrate! Now i'm hungry for scrambled eggs...

  5. Now that's what I call breakfast!!!!
    What a great tradition. xo.

  6. Love your poetic writing, and the cooking is divine!

    Happy New Year. Here's to another great year of photoblogging.

    Janis & David

  7. A perfect tradition in it's simplicity - Love your glasses! Happy New Year -

  8. I like the way you do things. I cooked pancakes and then made son go hiking with me almost 5 miles. Wore his little butt out.

  9. My mom, who will be 85 this month, opened a small bottle of champagne for she and my dad on New Year's eve and then forgot to drink it. So she and my daughter shared it on New Year's day. I stuck to the wine since champagne tends to make my head hurt after just a few sips. I'm weird like that...HA!

    Lovely breakfast tradition you have! Yum!

  10. eggs onions and spuds are yummy but hugh jackman is just delish. mmmm ;)


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