toonsday - one is enough

this is a rerun but very apropos ... in fact now we only need one remote the wife asked the tech to program the new remote for us .. of course i'll still probably hit the wrong button ....


  1. Sounds just like our house. "Why did it DO that?" he asks, as if I had reached across the dog on her 32x32-inch ottoman and touched the remote control in his hand without him noticing.
    "There must be something wrong with it, because it looks like they didn't record the whole program," he says.
    And "No!" he says when I offer to do it instead.
    It's a guy thing, a remote control, I guess. Or is it just that word "control"? LOL

  2. We have so many remotes for different things I get really confused! Not as confused as my MIL though who was trying to use a remote as a telephone! LOL

  3. :-)
    We use 2 remotes too!!
    Thank you for the smile, Toonman.

  4. So far as I know there's no law against hitting the wrong remote button! :) As a matter of fact it gives one a great opportunity to practice one's Zen training.

  5. Toonman - Yeah, we sometimes have problems with hitting the wrong buttons, but we're not supposed to let the womenfolk know. We're supposed to keep a straight face and say, "Yes, I wanted to record Toddlers & Tiaras. Why do you ask?"

  6. Oh I can relate -- we have 4 remotes. We really, really should upgrade our cable box. But we don't want to lose the shows we have stored on it.


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