this and that

after a week
frigid temps
 we had
 a rainy humid day 
 by a day of moderation temp-wise 
 the wind was insane
 the weathers been insane

 i walked out sunday morning
headed for 
 the street i saw

the reddish brick building
on the right
 has been undergoing
 an extensive
 interior renovation
 its been about a year
 maybe more
 since it began

 the other day
 i noticed
 that the roof was covered in a blue tarp
 i am guessing
 there's work going on

 well the wind didn't care 
it was so strong
 it pulled that tarp off
 left it flapping
 like a flag
 looked sort of like a discarded condom 

i hope for their sake
 it didn't let the rain in
to the damage the work thats been done
has no sympathy for them 
they have too much money 

 my mani/pedi
 at polished
 my hair appointment
 at blondi's

 i trekked down to gracious home 
to find something
 to nuke
 food in 

dont ask 

this claims
 to go from freezer to microwave 
you just pop that little button up 
before nuking to allow the stream to escape 

we'll see