i know
 sophie's mom
 via instagram 
she posted this wonderful photo 
the other day

 is a rescue dog

 you know
 i love dogs
 (and cats and most all animals)
 rescue dogs
 are special

 look at that intelligent face

 what a sweetie

 that photo was taken by her mom
 who shares her photography
 on instagram

i asked robin to tell me about sophie and how they came to be together
here's her reply

Well, here's our story. 
I have always been a boxer person. But after my knee replacement in 2011 I didn't want to chance walking a big dog. My husband and I had 2 boxers, but list one that same year. We still have Frankie. He's 91lbs! 
During my recovery, Frankie and I started looking at rescue sites because I knew there are a lot of small dogs that need homes. 
Sophie's mom was pregnant when she came into rescue. She had 3 puppies. Sophie was the only girl. She came home with me in April, 2012. She was 7 weeks old. 
To say she owns my heart is understated. 
If you want, take a look at the first picture I posted on IG. She was 2lbs.

 if you are an instagrammer 
check her wonderful pictures out!