so he said ...

 i decided
 it wasn't too cold out
 too cold
 i mean
 it was walkable 
with the big camera
 tho on the way home
 i was sorry
 i had no hat 
my ears hurt 
 they ache
 when they get too cold

my plan
to walk down to lincoln center
 to see
 jr's new york city ballet theatre photos
click here for more info

 the actual exhibit
 opens in february

 right now
 there are a few
 the windows

 the theatre

 i am walking up the ramp
 at the northwest side of the plaza
 this security guard says
 to me
a thick jamacian accent 
you have to walk around they are shooting the pictures 

i looked at him

i said

he repeated
 they are shooting the pictures walk around 
he gestured
 to the fountain 

i thought
 i am shooting the pictures too
 headed off toward the fountain
the plaza was empty

 i could see
to the southwest corner of the plaza
what appeared to be a tent 
on the street

there were
 camera equipment

i am thinking
 they're shooting something for jr's exhibit 

i shoot the photos pasted on the windows
get a fun shot
a young ballerina 
posing for her friend

  i head toward the camera crew

 my surprise
 to see
 tom selleck and bebe neuwirth

 standing in front of the steps talking

 i think
 they're shooting the pictures
 they're filming a scene for blue bloods


i shot one myself

i am not sure
 if i will be in the final cut
if they'd wrapped before i stepped into the shot
 .. no one yelled at me .. 

oh yeah
 i got a few
water tower shots
as well

this is the only photo signed