people on the platform

did i tell you this?
  wednesday morning
 11 inches on nyc
 i went to work

 after my last experience
the 79th street subway station
 i was leery
far better equipped
 la canadienne's 'chance'

the sidewalks
 the streets
 were plowed
 there was still a lot of snow to walk through

 i made it to 79th street
 in time
 to see
 people exiting
 which means
 i just missed the train

 i walked down
 in far better condition than last time
 to see the next train 
 17 minutes 

17 minutes
 subway platform
 9 degree temps

 i dont think so

 i turned 
 the stairs 
i went
 i walked
 72nd street 
 i could get an express or a local 

not signed

the platform

the sign
an express
3 minutes


  its so funny
 to me 
facing the direction the train will arrive from
 as if 
they can will it to arrive sooner
 of course
 there are many who just stay focused on their mobiles

 the train that arrived
 was not at all crowded
everyone waiting
 was able to board
 a shoehorn push

 the streets down
 at the office 
were fairly clear/clean
 the sun came out
 i doubt it warmed the air much
i spent the day comfortably at my desk 

 left early for the trip home
which was uneventful
as it should be

i hope
 if your area
 was hit by the snowpocalyse 
you are 
safe and warm