more things i love

i love
my sister
 she sends me emails 
after she reads my blog 
 she suggested boots
i might like
 she read of my ice escapades

i love
 certain colors
 middle of the road colors
 like red nouveau nail polish
 tomato vs red or orange

  very shallow
i am not deep 

i love
 those little shrub like trees
 alberta spruce
 (i googled window box shrub/tree)
 i see in store displays
 i want some for my window box 
went into a florist shop on the eastside
 last week to ask how much they were


i love
watching award shows
 another indication of my shallowness
 i love the red carpet parade
 i dont care who designed your ensemble
 i just love watching 

i loved
 my husband's remark
 'everyone has a team' 
almost as much as tina fey's joking
was about
george clooney
 preferring  death
spending another minute
 with a woman his own age

i love
 good writing 
i dont watch sitcoms 
i do
 i admit it 
i watch 
soap operas

 i transferred my addiction
 all my children
general hospital

 its not good writing
 soaps are never good writing 
 they entertain 
they are escapism 
 for me

i love
 our new freezer to microwave container
 its pba free,
its glass
its got this cute little button
 to vent the steam
 its inexpensive


i love
 noticing things
 that maybe 
have been there forever 

like the other morning
 as i walked up the street
 i looked up

on the top floor
 in the windows
 lots of little lights
 at first
 i thought 
 no one 
would leave
 candles burning
 in the window

they're little lights
window boxes 
 i even took photos
my iphone has no real zoom 
the one it does have makes things 'noisy'

looking up 
i love looking up
water tower


  1. I love some of the same things. Check out Brooklyn 99 for a funny situation comedy

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. No wonder we get along so well! I was front and center GLUED to the TV Sunday from the pre-show glam to the after parties! I LOVE that stuff! Also loved Tina's comment about George Clooney! Who did you think was best dressed? Did you see Wolf of Wall Street yet? Wow!!

  3. Aww and I love this post! We missed the awards... were too interested in watching our regular Sunday night shows.

  4. And I love this post although I spilled coffee all over myself when I read the crack about George Clooney.

  5. I love this. I love red. I love the lights at the top of that building. That's something that would catch my eye too. Happy Wednesday! :)

  6. Lol, I love much of the same sameness. Except TV. Rarely watch TV in Van, and only usually in England...sometimes. But I have a story. Watched General Hospital when I was pregnant with Jonathan...33+yrs ago then baby and TV was off, but then 12 yrs later and again 20 yrs later I got stuck in bed...difficult pregnancy with C and hospital and I tuned into the show again and guess what? NOTHING CHANGED! Same people, just slightly older, silly plot lines and, you know, Victor is ever his blackness and Nikki Reed Foster Bancroft DiSalvo Landers Chow Sharpe Abbot Newman Abbot Newman...etc, spends an awful lot of money on changing her personalised stationery! :)

  7. Lots of stuff to love here. No sitcoms.. not even Modern Family? Tis my absolute favourite.

  8. I love awards shows, too, but never remember to watch them. So I settle for the highlights the next day. I'm with Hilary - try Modern Family if you haven't already.

  9. Poetry in stop motion!

    I love your writing -it is such a lively and personal accompaniment to your photos.

  10. And I love your "I Love" posts!!
    Isn't it wonderful when you notice things that were always there, and yet never seemed "important" enough to really look at? xo.

  11. So much to love and appreciate. I am a firm believer in the little things.

  12. I love that you love the Alberta Spruce. Aren't they darling? I have one just outside the door to my right, right now. It has appeared on my blog more than once.
    As for nail polish, I had my toes done in a virulent green* to match my flip-flops when I went to Janice's, and they were a hit. Not so much when I wasn't wearing my flip-flops, though.
    *pretty much the green of "this blog is rated" on the bottom of your page here

  13. and I love you. I know you are there always.


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