long weekend

a long weekend

 the weather 
wasn't awful
 no polar vortex
 some rain
 some snow 
some wind
 some cold
 some sun

it is 
after all

 left the office friday
 around 3
always nice
 it also 
confuses me 
it makes me feel
 as if
 saturday is sunday

 thats how my brain works

  we watched despicable me 2
 i was
 falling asleep 
we finished watching
 on saturday
 my massage
 the errands

 the animation
 is exquisite
 the story
 was slow to start
 but fun
 i dont think 
you need to see
 despicable me 1
 in order to enjoy it

 we love animation 
if you love animation
you'll enjoy it 

 i did beautification
 another week 
of red nails 
essie's bordeaux

 i also got 
the 'frame'
 (my hair stylist's term) 
of my hair
 that means
 extremely straight
 for a few days
 the rest of my hair
it looks weird
 the bouncy
 calm down
 drop dead
 (my term) 
the straight
 will blend in more

 in a few weeks
 i will get it
 (also my term)


 i am starting a juice cleanse
 i have
over eating

i have
 to curb
 my impulses
 stifle my appetite

 a friend did a juice cleanse
 she lost 5 lbs 
it inspired me
  thats how much i want to lose 

 3 'meals'
 2 'snacks' 
fruits and/or veggies 
 other good healthy things 
blended in
you drink lots of water
 if you need a little extra
 you have some broth  

i will let you know how it works out

harry was scheduled for dental work
he's fine
 his teeth need some work
 as does
 his breath
which will improve
 when his teeth are cared for
his appointment
 got rescheduled
 due to our vet
 (he called me to explain he announced himself ''its your vet' )
being short-staffed
i suggested
 those not able to come to work
suffering long weekend-itis
i love our vet
i love
 that he called to explain
to advise
that harry's pre surgical blood work

was on toonman's agenda

if it was on your agenda
i hope your team won

one of H&M's windows in times square