from the high line

it seems
 in manhattan
 no matter 
 you are
no matter where you look up 
 a water tower
a water tank
in sight

 this one
within sight
the high line

 i think
 we were in the 20s 
 it was a bit further downtown 

 it was a really clear sky
 albeit a cold afternoon

 there were a lot of people
 walking along 
i managed to snap this between crowds


  1. It never matter where I am or what I am doing...if I see a water tower, I have to stop in my tracks and take a picture, just for you, dear Daryl!! Happy New Year!

  2. Oddly I have never given this any thought at all when I've visited the city. Now you know I'll be looking.

  3. Nice, I have lost track of the numbering though.

  4. I am going to be looking for these when I visit. I hope I don't miss anything on the ground while I'm looking up.

  5. Pretty shot! The water tank almost looks copper in color.


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