food carts

they are everywhere 
 specialty trucks
 that sell
 cheese sandwiches
 asian foods 
i won't go list all of them now
 i was in bed
 when i realized 
i had no post set to publish
 there are all those specialty trucks 
oh yeah
there also carts
 caramelized peanuts
hot dog vendors
 the coffee carts 
like this one 
parked on 64 street off broadway near the movie theater 


  1. We have a few carts and quite a few food trucks. I have tried quite a few of the food trucks and decided that despite the hoopla they are not that good. Besides there is no place to sit and most of them have no way to take care of the garbage left over. So I don't eat at them any more.

  2. We used to have a food truck that came to one of the big horse farms where Andrew worked. It was great!
    I like that this one is decorated for the holidays ~

  3. Oh, I know they are probably bad for me, but I could go for a big juicy, plump hot dog with everything on it about now... xox

  4. I wish we had one parked outside my door because I'm hungry for something really hot and tasty this morning.

  5. We're starting to get some here in Vancouver. Never mind the food, my favourite ones sell flowers at half the price of stores!

  6. I'm really hungry! I guess the Big City does have its advantages after all!

  7. Those things always make me want to buy something.

  8. Providence is has quite a few food trucks now too and I have to say that I have loved every single one that I have tried.

  9. I'm not sure we have food trucks or carts here ... but, then, I'm rarely in town to notice.

  10. that is one nice thing about city life. ubiquitous food carts. i enjoyed them when i lived abroad.


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